Rotary Cooling Drums

We are Manufaturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rotary Cooling Drums required for high pressure molding lines used in CI ( Cast Iron ) foundries. This Cooling Drums are suitable for world class Foundry equipment manufacturer like DISA-Europe, KOYO-Japan and SINTO. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

We are having capacity to manufacture Cooling drums up to 25 MT, with all fabricated accessories and machining facility.

A cooler is a type of liquid cooled rotary drum cooler used for continuous processes in foundries. Sectional coolers consist of a rotating cylinder ( "drum" or "shell" ), a drive unit and a support structure.

At each end of the drum there are stationary chutes for material feed and outlet. Depending on the size of the cooler the drum is pivoted on a shaft running through its axis, or is supported on running treads or external ring gears. The interior of the drum consists of several wedge-shaped chambers arranged around a central hollow shaft. This arrangement is completely surrounded by a jacket of water. In the wedge-shaped chambers are angled fins or shovels which move material through the cooler as the drum is rotated.